Ronald Willbanks – Career by Design: A Career Guide to Help Students, Veterans, & Career-Changers Find Their Dream Job and Succeed Once They Find It!

Career by Design by Ron Williams is a practical guide for students wondering what work life is all about, veteran workers dreaming of a career switch, less for people wondering whether becoming an entrepreneur is worth chasing. Williams applies the many lessons he learned as recruiter and professional in the field.

Career development, feedback, performance reviews, self-improvement, variety characterizes this companion book. In the end, a reading list for inspiration is given. Useful stuff.

About the author
After not completing my first year in college, I worked odd jobs for seven years until I’d finally had enough. I decided to change my life and joined the Army to take advantage of the College Fund. After my enlistment, I went back to school while working full time.

The next year,I found a job as a recruiter. Over the next decade, I interviewed and hired hundreds of engineers, designers, analysts, and technology professionals. When IT (Information Technology) began booming after 2000, I made the transition and have been an IT executive since.

I am living proof you can remake your career. As you read this guide, you’ll benefit from my 35 years’ experience interviewing, hiring, and evaluating talent. I have a BS in Management and an MBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Oakland University. Originally from Michigan, I live in San Antonio, Texas, with my wife and two children.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.