Jessa Stone – Obsession

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The first instance in the Dangerous Love series introduces the reader to Draya, a drugs runner and lover of guns and girls. She never sleeps with the same girl twice, stalks the campus for new chicks, until she stumbles upon Laney.

Obsession leads to lost virginity and the hunger for more, love perhaps. I can’t say that I’m a lesbian fiction lover, or was particularly impressed by the explicit scenes described in Obsession. A superficial plot with a convincing conversation. An easy read for lazy hours.

About the author
Jessa loves reading lesbian fiction and lesbian romance books and she gets extra excited when there is a touch of lesbian domination thrown in to spice things up some more. She loves reading all the sexy parts….the dirtier the better. She always wants a happy ending where everyone falls in love so her characters are the faithful types who don’t stray. They know what they want and especially who they want and go after them. She gives her readers a taste of some domination and submission romance that’s not too over the top. Reach her at

I got a free copy from the author through J.S. Publishing through Bookfunnel in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.