Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 1-10 September

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the first ten days in September 2019.

Sunday 1 September: Ollie Wride – I’m A Believer

“I’m a believer, praying for some light to the unknown. I’m a believer, I’ll give you something real just to hold on.” Synth pop by Ollie Wride (half of FM-84) from his debut solo album Thanks in Advance, as reflection on this Sunday.

Monday 2 September: LEVV – Vanilla Sky (club mix)

New Vocal trance track by LEVV (i.e. the colleboration between Audrey Assad and Seth Jones) to lead you through working hours.

Tuesday 3 September: Madis – Carrying the Fire

I stumbled upon this peculiar instrumental synth pop track in Youtube, where the Polish musician Madis performs it live using a bunch of synthesizers and a laser harp!

If you’re really curious what the composition of this stack of electronics is, check out the next video.

Wednesday 4 September: Jim Yosef, Anna Yvette – Linked

Today, I delivered two training sessions on LinkedIn to master students at the beta faculty of the Utrecht University.

Thursday 5 September: Tygo & Whitney Houston – Higher Love

Steven Winwood‘s Higher Love (1986) was covered many times. Whitney Houston recorded Higher Love in 1989 for the Japanese version of her third studio album I’m Your Baby Tonight (1990), although it was never released as a separate single. Seven years after Whitney passed away, her family requested Kygo to remix Houston’s version, which now is available as single and 1980’s inspired workout video clip on #throwbackthursday.

Friday 6 September: Rachael Lampa – He’s Good

Rachael Lampa‘s back, and boy, she’s good, singing about how good God is.

Saturday 7 September: Color Theory & Marco Dassi – Welcome but Unexpected

Embrace the surprise, a new track by the American Brian Hazard aka Color Theory and Italian music composer Marco Dassi.

Sunday, 8 September: LANY – Pancakes

Baking pancakes on Sunday is one of our family traditions, today practices after church service to provide a meal to the congregation.

Monday, 9 September: Anna of the North – Playing Games

Since 17 August I had this song in the waiting room to be included. Last week, I stumbled upon Anna of the North (artist name of Anna Lotterud from Norway) again, in one of emails Dutch venues send out with their upcoming concerts. Her music is labeled as soft, soul-baring electro-pop. Anna of the North will play in Paradiso, Amsterdam on Saturday, 2 November 2019. In October her second album Dream Girl will be released.

Tuesday, 10 September: New Arcades – Into The Unknown

Smooth retrowave, synth rock if you want by New Arcades, a UK duo inspired by nostalgic memories of 80’s cinema and vintage synth sounds. The single’s from their upcoming debut album.