Daniel Sweet & Andrew Gilmore – The Last Lessons of Christ

When Jesus Christ announced that he would suffer and die in Jerusalem, his twelve disciples not only questioned that but needed valuable final lessons from the Lord to be equipped to spread the gospel of God’s plan with mankind across the world. In The Last Lessons of Christ: Living by Faith in an Age of Despair, Daniel Sweet & Andrew Gilmore explore ten teachings. From genuine faith and our active role in bringing light to the nations, persistence to the understanding that you can’t add anything to God’s grace. Religion is not a solution. Faith produces action, it makes the impossible possible. Abandon everything to follow Jesus and remember that his death destroyed darkness.

Parables, conversations between Jesus and his disciples on the various aspects of faith get a proper exegesis, illustrations from movies, books, and personal reflection added. Just as Jesus needed faith to persevere, resist temptations and fulfill God’s assignment, we’re called to act accordingly and bring hope where there’s despair, light in the darkness, and love where hate seems to rule.

About the authors

Andrew Gilmore writes for people who crave a deeper relationship with God, but might not know where to begin. Through his books, essays, and articles, his aim is to inspire you to live by faith and to keep in step with the Spirit by tugging at your heart stings one moment and making you laugh out loud in the next. When he’s not writing, you can find him eating way too much barbecue, wrestling with his four kids, or watching really bad movies.

Daniel Sweet is the pastor of Calvary Free Will Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. He is a graduate of Randall University in Moore, Oklahoma, and earned an MDiv from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Jamie, of sixteen years have a heart for adoption. Of their four children, they adopted one from Vietnam and another from Tulsa. His full testimony can be seen on truthneverdies.tv, including his adherence to Arminarism, where faith and free will are key.

I received a free copy of this book from the authors in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.