Ashish Rastogi – The Broken Code

Two near-death situations, alternating protagonists, and a mixture of technology, medical background, and organized crime characterize the plot of The Broken Code, the debut of Ashish Rastogi. Intensivist Alisha, a detective she came to know a decade ago, and her son. Doctor Alisha, Anmol, and Nick are on a quest to uncover a sleeper cell of a global network. Martial arts and computer hacking skills are helpful resources.

The narrative progresses slowly, got me browsing the pages instead of keeping my attention. The editor could have done a better job. Show, don’t tell is applicable. “I was in shock and at a loss for words. I tried to control the shivers running through my body.”, as well as the need to remove redundancy. “They then took me to the interrogation room where to my relief I found Nick. The Boston police officer questioned me. He had a lot of questions.”

About the author

Ashish Rastogi started his career as a physician over two decades ago. For the past ten years, clinical research has been his labor of love. He has managed projects all over India and has traveled widely in the country and abroad. Ashish has a keen interest in healthcare technology. He founded CTQuest that is working with teams developing medical devices and applications.
Creative by nature, Ashish writes poetry, short stories, and paints in his leisure time. He is an avid reader and was always a member of the editorial team in his school and college.
The Broken Code is Ashish’s first published novel. His healthcare experience has given him an insight into current and future technological advances in this field. Ashish brings his multifaceted experience into the narration of this story. Highlighting for us the challenges that await amidst the technological advances.

I received a free copy from Booksirens in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.