Randy Kirk – The Elon Musk Method

Is there a secret formula that can make all of us as successful as Elon Musk, the entrepreneur that built Zip2, X.com, Tesla en SpaceX? Randy Kirk in The Elon Musk Method, with indeed a pretentious title, collected insights from biographies, press, websites, etc. without a single interview with the admired Elon Musk himself to paint a picture of the business biography of this man. The book takes the CEO through the opening, the growth years, and into maturity. The real purpose, however, is to give you some insight into yourself. Identifying what makes you tick and developing some of the attributes we find in Musk, can benefit you and your business. It closes with recommendations.

Randy Kirk is experienced in bicycle production, not a  rocketeer, a car manufacturer, or software developer, but managed to retrieve and select valuable lessons from Musk’s life e.g. experimenting, never give up, setting examples to your employees, and sticking to your passion and organizational goals. You need followers, employees that are willing to travel along with you. Musk takes no ‘no’ or ‘can’t be accomplished’ for granted, has really stretched ambitions, and has a probably higher risk appetite than you and I. Curiosity, trying new approaches, being an amazing listener and questioner are among the advices given. Jim Cantrell, the founding member of SpaceX, endorses The Elon Musk Method.

I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.