Mike Savage – A Prisoner’s Perspective: The Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind

On a Saturday night in July 1991 Michael (Mike) Savage was arrested, handcuffed and deported to a city jail, while his wife was left clueless. Illegal investment schemes that Mike oversaw led to a conviction. Fifteen plus years of imprisonment and many years of financial garnishments to the state and his ex-wife would follow. In hindsight, a spiritual leg was broken of this wandering sheep. God used the years in prisons to lead Mike to repent and concert, become a Christian and heal as a person.

The everlasting love of God, the remarkable faithfulness of his wife Cynthia, and the many ways of divine provision result in a narrative that takes the reader on Mike’s journey to who he is now, despite shortcomings and opportunities to grow further. A Prisoner’s Perspective: The Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind is part testimony, part teaching in the difference between our perception of God’s will and the reality of God’s will, part insight in the way prison spiritual services are run and how prisoners can be redeemed not only by serving their sentence, but – more important – by gradual change of their perspective of God’s intervention in everyday life. Raw and authentic, in your face, and way more flesh to the bone than a simple summary ‘once I was lost, but now I’m found’.

About the author
Mike Savage is a former radio personality, television news anchor, and criminal mastermind. He is the author of A Prisoner’s Perspective: The Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind. He served fifteen years, two months, and twenty-eight days in federal prison for international money laundering. Crime was his second life, one that his wife and family knew nothing about until federal agents raided their home. His wife chose to stay with him throughout the process of trial, incarceration, and release. Despite his best efforts to sabotage the work of God, Mike and his wife Cynthia are still together today. He credits God and Cynthia for turning his life around and becoming the man God wanted him to be. He is currently an adjunct professor teaching Bible, theology, and psychology. He resides on Padre Island, Texas.

I received a free review copy through BookSirens.com in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.