Ari Schneider – Shaded by Stone

Climbing mountains is Ari Schneider’s passion. For some reason, rock climbing didn’t make it between businessman and engineering on the list of available jobs at his university’s career fair. For leisure, Schneider, together with fellow mountaineers and his dog Breezy enjoyed climbing some of North America’s most beautiful peaks. What made it so pleasurable and important to the author? That’s why Shaded by Stone was written. He reflected on the feeling of sore fingertips clinging to cold granite, balancing on rock features that narrowly allow for a hard-earned passage to a summit.

Even though I’m not a rock climber myself, Ari Schneider brings his adventures alive in this easily readable book. Risks and rewards, searching for self-fulfillment in the mountains are to be discovered.

About the author

Ari Schneider is a mountain athlete and author from Vermont, now based out of Denver, Colorado. His written work is often inspired by first ascents and remote climbing trips around the world.

I received a free advanced review copy from the publisher, Xalibu Creative, through in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.