Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 11-20 May

Each day I add music to my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist. Here’s the list for the second batch of ten days of May 2019.

Saturday 11 May: Metric – Risk

Actually, Youtube recommended me this track. Fortunately, Metric’s new song Risk is on Spotify too!

Sunday 12 May: Justin Bieber – Turn To You (Mother’s Day Dedication)

I’m a believer, not a belieber, yet happy with my mother and mother in law 🙂

Monday 13 May: Dido – Take You Home

Dido’s new album Still on My Mind is out with the single Take You Home asking our attention these days.

Tuesday May: The Afters – What Home Feels Like

It sounds like I have to be home more these weeks! The Afters are reminding me.

Wednesday 15 May: Joe White – Doctor’s Advice

Today, I asked my doctor for advice on my painful heel.

Thursday 16 May: Code of Ethics – People are People

It’s #throwbackthursday. Last week, I stumbled upon Code of Ethics‘s cover of People are People, the 1984 hit by Depeche Mode.

Friday 17 May: AURORA – The River

Released last week, streaming forever, Aurora‘s The River.

Saturday 18 May: Schiller & Nena – Morgenstund

Tonight, I’m heading to Oberhausen, Germany to attend the Schiller concert in full surround Dolby.

Sunday 19 May: Gatlin Elms – Run Dry

Monday 20 May: Stefanie Heinzmann – You Get Me