Thomas McRae – Fatal Impact

After two Pimp in the Pulpit instances, Thomas McRae offered a poetry book for review. Actually, none of the 44 poems have the rhyme and rhythm you would expect from poems. The short captions or mini-stories about the devil’s playdown of Eve, following Christ as much as some thoughts on America being built off the blood of the slaves or gratefulness to friends and family. I’m not sure what the intentions of McRae calling this poetry were. On the back cover, he claims to have poetry certificates. Just some samples to illustrate the author’s style: “Eric Gardner couldn’t breathe but America doesn’t believe that a Negro’s life is worth the American dream.” and “We don’t have blood ties but we share one soul, thank God for my brothers because they are my whole. I wish you nothing but constant success because your blessing is yours to accept.”

I received a free copy of this booklet from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.