Patrick Burns – Far Away And Further Back

In Far Away And Further Back, corporate nomad Patrick Burns shares his retrospective of four decades of traveling, jobs, meetings with unexpected people, and exotic places he visited. Short stories that will show you e.g. Brenda, the 78-year-old, ‘legally blind’ passenger in Singapore, family life in the Holländische Kakaostube or Café Kröpcke, or the need to pretend to be Dutch instead of a UK citizen.

Unusual Anglo-German family ties, memories of Rotherham, the erection of the Berlin Wall, and the London School of Economics Rugby Club First XV, and everything in between. The narrative is lively, diverse, rich in vocabulary, highly personal, yet relatable.

About the author

In 2009, after more than thirty-five years of climbing, clinging onto, and occasionally sliding down the corporate ladder, Patrick Burns retired from an international business career in Human Resources. An opportunity to work on regional and global projects led to an early specialization in international HR and the chance to live and work all over the world. This included four assignments to Asia, where he spent a total of eighteen years, as well as other regional roles covering Europe-Africa, the Middle East and North and South America. Patrick was born in Yorkshire in the UK and now lives just outside San Francisco. He is married with four children.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.