Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 11-20 March

Ten more days of March passed by. I’ll share songs for each day that make up my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist.

Monday 11 March: Starflyer 59 – Hey, Are You Listening?

What a surprise to see a new Starflyer 59 popping up, three years after Slow. The new album from Jason Martin and company is titled “Young In My Head”, April 26th to be released on Tooth & Nail Records. An interview with Jason Martin on the new album can be read here.

Tuesday 12 March: Lily Denning – Armageddon

Of the debut single, Lily Denning says: “Armageddon” represents the battle between repeatedly being drawn towards the bad and discovering the strength to resist it. The song illustrates the decision to turn your back on something negative and the consequential relief of letting it go. It’s about feeling empowered by your self-worth and embracing the freedom that comes with that. I want the song to glorify independence whilst acknowledging the sometimes impossible process of detaching from damaging relationships.”

Wednesday 13 March: ØM-53 – Defender

Shifting from the CCM sound, back to the 1980’s based retro-wave/synth-wave smooth pop sound, ØM-53 came out of New Jersey ready to explore new grounds.

Thursday 14 March: Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive

It’s #throwbackthursday 80’s synth wave to celebrate today.

Friday 15 March: Sarah Bareilles – Fire

Sarah Bareilles is back on Fire.

Saturday 16 March: Steve Allen & Cathy Burton – My Awakening

Sunday 17 March: 7eventh Time Down – God Is On the Move

7eventh Time Down testifies that God is constantly on the move.

Monday 18 March: Lnyx – You Fall Apart

Nashiville-based electropop duo Lnyx presents itself.

Tuesday 19 March: The Cranberries – The Pressure

Signature sound, welcome to The Cranberries. “The Pressure” is taken from The Cranberries’ final upcoming album “In The End” Out 24/4/19

Wednesday 20 March: Roosevelt – Falling Back

In a couple of weeks I hope to see Roosevelt live in concert. The track Falling Back was recorded and mixed at the W Hotels Sound Suite in Barcelona and all proceeds of the release will go to SOS MEDITERRANEE, a European maritime-humanitarian organisation dedicated to rescuing lives in the Mediterranean Sea.