Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 21-28 February

The rest of February passed by. I’ll share songs for each day that make up my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist.

Thursday 21 February: Nick Mulvey – Moment of Surrender

Nick Mulvey presents his version of U2‘s Moment of Surrender on this #throwbackthursday.
[spotify spotify:track:4f25p7B3SRzh9Yep7o3w6G ]

Friday 22 February: Delain – Hunter’s Moon

It’s release date for Dutch symphonic metal band Delain. I saw them play live in Zwolle a week ago. Now, Hunter’s Moon is out!
[spotify spotify:track:7qf0IgZV92bpUBLcQOdO8J ]

Saturday 23 February: Costa & Cathy Burton – Always

Pleasant vocal trance by Costa and singer Cathy Burton.
[spotify spotify:track:04xRHLyXOie4HEwMI3cAU5 ]

Sunday 24 February: Alain Clark – Sunday Afternoon

Enjoy the weekend with Dutch artist Alain Clark.
[spotify spotify:track:0dHIxTtiYQHBQwIr4DJccJ ]

Monday 25 February: Narrow Skies – Season of Gold

Narrow Skies teases you to listen.

[spotify spotify:track:1RT9m8kgQtXorCjBrEezgA ]

Tuesday 26 February: Noa & Gil Dor – No, Baby

Letters to Bach is the upcoming new album by Noa and longtime musical partner Gil Dor. Famous classical J.S. Bach tunes reimagined by this duo.
[spotify spotify:track:03OZIhoHFkysqbTxBT3luv ]

Wednesday 27 February: Felix Cartal & Lights – Love Me

Lights is back, now collaborating with Felix Cartal in this smooth synth pop song Love Me.

[spotify spotify:track:53hNIcq8OLj9OUNvQ4ulFM ]

Thursday 28 February: The Israelites – Heaven Bound

Old gospel song in a ska outfit, brought to you by The Israelites, taken from their Restoration album this #throwbackthursday
[spotify spotify:track:3FKX178P5cERA4bSvYjLAG ]