Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 11-20 February

Ten days passed by. I’ll share songs for each day that make up my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist.

Monday 11 February: Son Mieux – Leads

Lovely pop rock by the Dutch band Son Mieux, taken from their album Faire de Son Mieux.
[spotify spotify:track:6uc5q0OliS9bDxuoxhxsf6 ]

Tuesday 12 February: VHS Collection – Dreaming

VHS Collection is dreaming. Do you still know what VHS is?
[spotify spotify:track:21JbwuOaYB6uAXp3iISVLk ]

Wednesday 13 February: Pet Shop Boys – On Social Media

Pet Shop Boys treasure social media…
[spotify spotify:track:1Uj7KqOB9oChg6qHWjEQAl ]

Thursday 14 February: Tulia – Nothing Else Matters

This #throwbackthursday Nothing Else Matters, made popular by Metallica in 1992, and covered by Polish singing girls sensation Tulia in 2018.

Friday 15 February: CUT_: Can’t Escape This Feeling

Dutch synth pop CUT_.
[spotify spotify:track:0Zz9FAoAOqyzUMAlbjq22v ]

Saturday 16 February: The New Division – Jealous

[spotify spotify:track:30qrWS0zli4FyRnXNSyJpM ]

Sunday 17 February: After April – Start a Fire

Rock on Sunday by After April.
[spotify spotify:track:3GP7cDzmzQ1tmmVnODMlDf ]

Monday 18 February: Santiano – Könnt ihr mich hören

German rock today by Santiano. Can you hear me?
[spotify spotify:track:5uGRfNDT04reOKSMXOnlok ]

Tuesday 19 February: Michael Oakley – Rabbit in the Headlights

No deer, but a rabbit….Synth pop by Michael Oakley.
[spotify spotify:track:5F7KY5n0P2GdCJ5Y1yqzEY ]

Wednesday 20 February: Gatlin Elms – Please

Laid back pop rock by Gatlin Elms.
[spotify spotify:track:37YKEwa7ghA8vqtZ4zSEI5 ]