Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 1-10 February

Ten days passed by. I’ll share songs for each day that make up my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist.

Friday 1 February: Within Temptation – Supernova

Finally, the Resist album by dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation came out today!

Saturday 2 February: Eins, Zwei Orchestra – 100 Colors

Today I paid a visit to the Aan de Stegge headquarters in Goor. This trip to a Hundertwasser-inspired building was organized by to walk Overijssel. Plenty of time to get overwhelmed by the colours, “explosions in the sky my friend..” 100 Colors, the Eins, Zwei Orchestra debut album in 2011 was inspired by the same artist and architect.

Sunday 3 February: Balamurali Balu – Hola Hola

Last Thursday night I watched Ghajinikant (2018), a Tamil spoken romantic comedy set in India. An absent mind as challenge to an emergent love. Balamurali Balu produced the original soundtrack to this movie.

Monday 4 February: Torul – Ausverkauft (Frozen Plasma Remix)

Today it’s my 111th time to donate blood plasma at Sanquin Blood Bank in Zwolle. I handpicked the brand new Frozen Plasma remix of Ausverkauft by Torul.

Tuesday 5 February: Stereo MC’s – Connected

Tonight I atteneded the Engagement Managers Connect Event at Capgemini. Good to share experiences and insights among colleagues. An oldie as musical companion.

Wednesday 6 February: Secret Treehouse – Fear of Frogs

New synth pop tune by Secret Treehouse, a Norwegian band.

Thursday 7 February: JES – Let Him Go

JES covered the Passenger 2012 hit Let Him Go. It’s #throwbackthursday. First the original, then the 2019 JES version.

Friday 8 February: Ionnalee – Open Sea

Ionnalee has a new single out, Open Sea. As always with a stunning video! Save the date: 31 May 2019, Remember the Future will be released.

Saturday 9 February: Dario G & David Amaro – Savour the Miracle of Life

90’s Europop act Dario G is back to Savour the Miracle of Life with David Amaro.

Sunday 10 February: Colossians 3:16 – Grace

God’s grace is all that I need.