Shawn Abrams – Leading in the First Person

Leading in the First Person was intended to serve as a legacy, a memoir with lessons learned for Shawn Abram’s son. The target audience of this book consists of leaders and those who want to embrace leadership concepts, competencies, and best practices. Leaders lead people, not targets, goals, strategies, or things. And to lead others, it’s important to know and lead yourself in the first place. Coach the team to the potential of their talents. Lead them to the goal. Active listening is one of the key techniques provided here.

Shawn distinguishes between management and leadership, shares a lot of personal experience, which make this 102 pages book easy to read, yet a challenge to execute. Leadership is a discipline. It’s hard work and sometimes unforgiving but very necessary.

About the author

Shawn Abrams has over a decade of experience leading in the military, non-profit sector and businesses. He Is a newly published author with a message and a movement designed to support leaders on their quest to lead themselves and others well. Shawn believes that strong leadership is the cornerstone of society, but it begins with leading one’s self, first.

I received a free review copy from the author with no strings attached.