Sacha Lanvin – The Deadly Notes of Tchaikovsky (A Vera Goncharova Thriller)

Igor Solokov, a famous pianist in Saint Petersburg is murdered after he was under endures to open his safe and hand over a precious music sheet containing musical notes by the late Tchakovsky, that served as a will. No traces at first sight for Vera Goncharova, a criminal lawyer is assigned to investigate the case. Subsequent murders that rule out the possibility to arrest or interrogate suspects makes this case rather hopeless to solve, or can the reason for hunting this musical heritage be found in time? Can Vera’s friend Marina Kuzmina help?

The author repeats himself quite often, uses simple English to illustrate her characters. “She had few books to her name which had been success. She loved reading and writing thriller books which she was pretty good at.” A better editor would have served this short fiction story a lot. Richer conversations, more realistic romance instead of “they made love three times”, and some unexpected twists would benefit the reader.

About the author

Sacha Lanvin was born in Paris in a family of artists.

The author sent me a free review copy in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.