Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 11-20 January

Ten days passed by. I’ll share songs for each day that make up my soundtrack to 2019 Spotify playlist.

Friday, 11 January: Delain – Masters of Destiny

Master of your own destiny has been the driver for Capgemini employees throughout the years. Roles, positions, education, an globally present company, and clients all over the planet to serve your personal development and career perspectives. Dutch rock band Delain released Masters of Destiny from their upcoming album.
[spotify spotify:track:7gstaNz35sa4HZEFAcV76C ]

Saturday, 12 January: Raghu Dixit – Sankashta Kara Ganapathi

Tonight is movie night at home. I watch Sankashta Kara Ganapathi (2018). From the OST, here’s the title track by Indian folk singer, music composer Raghupathi Dwarakanath Dixit (India’s Biggest Cultural Export).
[spotify spotify:track:6woKV4R7sWqHQEZTX7If23 ]

Sunday, 13 January: Martyn Joseph – Loves Majority

Welsman, and singer/songwriter Martyn Joseph, is back with Loves Majority. On 25 January, his 33rd (!) studioalbum, Here Come The Young, will be released.
[spotify spotify:track:2cuGfMpkXud1kFm1Kk0g2Z ]

Monday, 14 January: Catali – Safety

I’m back in Velsen-Noord to provide training at Tata Steel. It al starts with Safety instructions.
[spotify spotify:track:5zWyfluDgAfKnHcj7RCXHQ ]

Tuesday, 15 January: Tori Kelly & LeCrae – Masterpiece

Up-beat collaboration between Tori Kelly and LeCrae. My full album review is here.

[spotify spotify:track:51NdKunwa6yv4gjRQ3ccv3 ]

Wednesday, 16 January: The Victorian Wallflowers – Firebird

Swedish Synthpop band / EDM / Europop outfit The Victorian Wallflowers was found during a random play based on Color Theory artist radio on Spotify.

Thursday, 17 January: Amber Run – Hide and Seek

Imogen Heap‘s Hide and Seek (2005) without the vocoder. Enter Amber Run‘s 2014 cover on #throwbackthursday.

[spotify spotify:track:56tNMp3B93TFDbWRg92qZS ]

Friday, 18 January: Betty Who – I Remember

I Remember is Betty Who‘s latest single.
[spotify spotify:track:3bkBEBd8G3kvarNlTvCRPU ]

Saturday, 19 January: Ea Kaya – Talking

Walk and talk. New Danish artist Ea Kaya (real name Christine Kiberg) joins me today.
[spotify spotify:track:7aFeSHyU0VULTfsWYMC1aa ]

Sunday, 20 January: RONDÉ – Be Mine

[spotify spotify:track:3DXPu5pRnoy3dbRDd9kBIH ]