Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2019: 1-10 January

Happy new year! Every ten days, sometimes eight or eleven, depending on the month, I’ll share songs that make up my soundtrack to 2019. All songs are collected into a Spotify playlist, just like past years.

Tuesday 1 January: Victoria – January 1st

[spotify spotify:track:0NJVaLZPkQRn8uZUVZiFQ5 ]

Wednesday 2 January: Popa Chubby – Take Me Back to Amsterdam

Play me the blues.
[spotify spotify:track:4msmNk1ICKg2n7ebI4JUKA ]

Thursday 3 January: Alexa Feser – Mut

Braveness explained in German by singer Alexa Feser.
[spotify spotify:track:3MwB6rnqOELJOw297Cspr6 ]

Friday 4 January: Cody Simpson – New Crowned King

Self-appointed king Cody Simpson can play and sing along today.

[spotify spotify:track:3sTusRj5PzgZ9pQIMLk2hW ]

Saturday 5 January: Tadric Jermain – January Five

Smooth jazz with lots of sound effects by Tadric Jermain.
[spotify spotify:track:7boxH3OmZGaTsxlamBa8Wk ]

Sunday 6 January: Bach: Christmas Oratorio BWV Cantata for the Feast of Epiphany, No.11 Chorale

Epiphany day. Let’s enjoy this classic.
[spotify spotify:track:420WGCYfKKbG1pL4lUAhV8 ]

Monday 7 January: Yumi Zouma – In Camera

Smooth synth pop to start this work week by Yumi Zouma.
[spotify spotify:track:19ghkpvwKQAkNUzVoHJqED ]

Tuesday 8 January: Soular Order – Sea Shores

I stay at a hotel in Wijk aan Zee for three consecutive nights for business reasons. Spare time can be spent walking along the sea shore.
[spotify spotify:track:7Aa4mmgAuAuTnf7wluSsV2 ]

Wednesday 9 January: Glasperlenspiel & Gordi Singers – Du bist

A love song in German by synth pop duo Glasperlenspiel, consisting of vocalist Carolin Niemczyk and keyboardist Daniel Gruenberg.
[spotify spotify:track:0Osg6LLL0dveIkLfLgnYqm ]

Thursday 10 January: Giorgio Moroder – Never Ending Story (Marat Taturas Magicwave Remix

This #throwbackthursday, I present the Marat Taturas Magicwave Remix of the legendary Giorgio Moroder original Never Ending Story, made popular by Kajagoogoo vocalist Limahl. As a reference to the film and its title, the song has no distinctive beginning, nor an end. The remix is on the Club Remixes Selection Two to honour the disco / synth pop compositions by Giorgio Moroder.

[spotify spotify:track:4tuxbKZlejxMS4459ddvzs ]