Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 11-20 December

A new batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A retrospective of the past ten days.

Tuesday 11 December: Bart Peeters – Smartphone

One of the smartphones at home died today. Off to buy a new one.
[spotify spotify:track:5UyAnUOn0hoh6YbxPn49ku ]

Wednesday 12 December: Fleurie – Constellate

Last weekend, I bought a ticket for the Fleurie concert in Amsterdam on 24 March 2019. Enough time left to enjoy her music before entering the venue.
[spotify spotify:track:7JDpA0WUDhFMb4MEsihv7r ]

Thursday 13 December: Billy Clayton – Dilate

Let’s Eat Grandma, the support act to Chvrches during their fall tour around Europe, remixed Dilate by Billy Clayton. Clayton released Fear today, for which the remix is a kind of B-side.

[spotify spotify:track:4670FhRuNdZafGqvZcuXx0 ]

Friday 14 December: The Sound Principle – Heaven’s Glory

I have been studying in Psalm 85 and its related texts elsewhere in the Bible. One of the soundtracks to the verses is Heaven’s Glory by The Sound Principle.
[spotify spotify:track:2lyNfk8N1oiLRbuHXzu855 ]

Saturday 15 December: Jeffrey Spalburg – Hengelo-o-o

Today I joined six other walkers to check the track design for 30km part of the Tukker 110 Long Distance Walk to be organized in May 2019. We encircled and crossed the city of Hengelo. Jeffrey Spalburg‘s 2012 hit about the local dialect and city can’t be missed today.

[spotify spotify:album:0qGtePZ3P8rn2O6nKSMSM9 ]

Sunday 16 December: HAEVN – Back in the Water (gospel version)

HAEVN‘s gospel version of Back in the Water was released last Friday. A welcome Christmas present.

[spotify spotify:track:5Xz9WrpVFnC25ieJd9hV89 ]

Monday 17 December: Andy Hunter – Raining Sunshine (presence mix)

Presence Volume 3 is out. Andy Hunter‘s back with ambient / electronica.
[spotify spotify:track:66LWDmEU4DCP4P02kvtpRC ]

Tuesday 18 December: Lauren Aquilina – King

Simply beautiful voice and piano are core to this King, although it’s about psycho’s. My introduction to Lauren Aquilina.
[spotify spotify:track:0zhzkkSXFj60Y5fzb2j9hU ]

Wednesday 19 December: Evanescence – Your Star (live)

From Evanescence‘s Synthesis Live album, that was released on Spotify yesterday, I took Your Star.
[spotify spotify:track:2wLx0egvRL5NE9jC8RMXNg ]

Thursday 20 December: Mumford & Sons – Delta

The title track of Mumford & Sons‘ latest album, Delta, is a six minutes long beautiful composition.
[spotify spotify:track:0hAVjUHhouhIXKxU8bqQig ]