Sam Knupp – Smoke on the Mountains

Hundreds of pages all kinds of characters are looking for a lost girl. A murder mystery without a corpse. Conversations, small-town gossip, and a 2018 perspective on religion, wisdom, the making of a storyline, and a deliberate stepping aside from the scene. The blind preacher Marvel Goodman receives his sight half-way through the book. Is Pepper Anne dead? Even if someone from Timberville confessed the murder at two-thirds of the book, Marvel and Buddy continue looking for the answer who committed the cruel murder and putting Pepper Anne away in a rental coffin. Was it done in plain sight? A local or stranger? Follow the money. Prepare yourself to an extensive quest along many small things happening over the course of little time in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Everybody has a ‘story to tell’ especially around a murder mystery. Where smoke is, is fire. And welcome to a Father Brown-like American counterpart, the¬†seven-foot-tall blind pastor over at the Tastee-Freez Church, the theologian turned into a detective. Although it cost a couple of hours to get into the writing style, Smoke on the Mountains brought fun and laughter later on.

About the author

I am 67, never published, a reader, disabled, and spent my last dollars on getting it to market.

For a time I lost literacy (traumatic brain injury). I have been chasing sentience ever since that very bad day. The book ‘wrote itself’. It says what I wanted to say in the manner I wanted to be expressed. I need folks to read it, and tell me ‘what’s what’, and what’s not’. I have it in PDF and EPUB formats. I had some soft cover copies that came with the ‘publishing package’ but my 92-year-old mother has her eye on them. She figures she can hand them out to friends, and voil√† I’ll have a ‘readership’. She believes in her boy. I figure if I can ‘convince’ my mother then I’m home free.

Reading, and writing was once lost to me. When I found the use of the written word again it wasn’t the same as before – it was ‘different’. I write from that place. The story I tell is about ‘mystery’. I am a theologian.

The author requested me to read and review his book without any strings attached.