Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 21-30 November

A new batch to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A retrospective of the past ten days.

Wednesday 21 November: Kevin Max – The Listener

Kevin Max released the concept album Romeo Drive last week. Here’s The Listener.
[spotify spotify:track:7k2hrnMn3wQwc36jBQxQXh ]

Thursday 22 November:

Brooke Fraser released B Sides with demo and live versions of previously released songs, and a bunch of songs never released before. Here’s The Mantra of the Quaintrelle.
[spotify spotify:track:1wWUC3xcqJfVADcrktxopT ]

Friday 23 November: Mumford & Sons – Beloved

I picked Beloved from the brand new Delta album by Mumford & Sons for today.
[spotify spotify:track:42aMP8l7uEjWyLWkfOJXpJ ]

Saturday 24 November: Futurecop! – Edge of the Universe

Today, I’m walking in the northern province of Groningen, at the edge of the country.
[spotify spotify:track:3PNdMfGMlYdFhPxmLQZGcw ]

Sunday 25 November: Paperwhite – Count on You

A new track by Paperwhite.
[spotify spotify:track:3MGZhOrOMrpICRdtn1mVcY ]

Monday 26 November: Thomas Azier – Nightrunner

Thomas Azier is back with Stray, the follow-up to Rouge (2017).
[spotify spotify:track:2I0OPFLEzxzFd2BKYo2qDB ]

Tuesday 27 November: Mutemath – Voice in the Silence

Smooth electronica and voices. Welcome back, Mutemath! Paul Meany shows the making of in the official music video. Voice In The Silence EP Out: 12/5/18

[spotify spotify:track:1nOYRtGsFznVK2pNngJ9wk ]

Wednesday 28 November: Luna Wave – UltraVioletEverything

Thanks to Leon van Wijngaarden for recommending this electropop tune. Luna Wave is a collaboration between Aaron Sprinkle and Jessie Marie Villa.
[spotify spotify:track:4i1mfzGXjmZ5BMhff360St ]

Thursday 29 November: Gary Numan – Cars (Live at Brixton Academy)

It’s #throwbackthursday with new wave / synth pop veteran Gary Numan.
[spotify spotify:track:7C1eRihrlKSf3S8iwGxJTL ]

Fridayday 30 November: Cliff Richard – Everything That I Am

Yes, sir Cliff Richard (77) still can sing! Everything That I Am was taken from his new album Rise Up.
[spotify spotify:track:0Y7k69YffqIeHgTAYRLS3z ]