Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 November

A new batch to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A retrospective of the past ten days.

Thursday 1 November: Kenny Marks – Before My Last Goodbye

Kenny Marks augustus 1991 Christian Artists Seminar op De Bron in DalfsenYesterday, American christian singer Kenny Marks, one of my soft rock heroes in the 80’s, passed away. I found a close-up of Kenny, a picture I took at the Christian Artists Seminar at De Bron conference center back in August 1991. Kenny was outspoken and set his priorities on spreading the gospel. Before his last goodbye he wanted to do a lot.
[spotify spotify:track:3mMqwOIPvCG342DinWJBFt ]

Friday 2 November: Kate Havnevik – The River

Norwegian singer Kate Havnevik released The River on 26 October. Pulsating and colourful.

[spotify spotify:track:4cfFg5gp1kcPivuVtzB9V9 ]

Saturday 3 November: CHVRCHES – Miracle (The Juan Maclean remix)

Tonight I attend the CHVRCHES concert in Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht. To celebrate the moment here, I chose the Juan Maclean remix of Miracle.
[spotify spotify:track:6QTnfsTjc0QYnKjKFouH46 ]

Sunday 4 November: TGC – Toxins

European synth pop duo TGC (The Green Children)  gave Rooms to their audience, my first virtual meetup with Milla and Marlow.

[spotify spotify:track:2DsJcDKI1E9BmQJTknLrEq ]

Monday 5 November: Reliance – Crashing Down

New punk rock’s always welcome. Indie Music Vision recommended me listening to Reliance, that dropped their EP Crashing Down on Bandcamp.
[spotify spotify:track:1CY2Ijc70EMlaiJLrWgpUE ]

Tuesday 6 November: Georgi Kay – Toxins

British singer Georgi Kay released her debut album on November 2nd, According to EQMusic blog she explores the “dark side of the sonic pop spectrum. It is a realm which allows you to explore raw and honest sentiments, and create evocative soundscapes, often around poignant and moving topics, such as loneliness. From sharing her political thoughts to revealing deep-seated emotions. The hazy, sonically embedded sound clings to the breathy tonality of Georgi’s voice. For the most part, you should find her style, both melodic and vocally, chilling, yet enchanting.”

[spotify spotify:track:2HeqvsMG3kQifIJJrbFkWK ]

Wednesday 7 November: Lauren Béa – Sovereign Still

[spotify spotify:track:5Xido1EtLapdzH3wm3tqPs ]

Thursday 8 November: Over The Rhine – All I Need Is Everything

Over the Rhine‘s back in the Netherlands. I’m attending their concert in De Oosterpoort, Groningen tonight. All I Need Is Everything 🙂
[spotify spotify:track:52CHZFZHXsj1NFML4sofU0 ]

Friday 9 November: Matthew Parker – Paradise

Matthew Parker returned as Daydreamer last week.
[spotify spotify:track:0EJlpO8Z5Vqy4phgcqU84V ]

Saturday 10 November: Mogli & Robot Koch – Strobe Light remix

Enjoy your weekend.

[spotify spotify:track:0gJ4qrZ1Th3cxXOxfGEaoU ]