Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 21-30 September

Third round of contributions in September to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A retrospective of the past ten days.

Friday 21 September: Dansu – Love Is Ours

The Dutch friends of Dansu are in singles only mode in 2018. Funk rules.
[spotify spotify:track:69XenJNTz01LSoteodvzjT ]

Saturday 22 September: Salt Ashes – Girls

I agree with the recommendation on EQ music blog about Salt Ashes: “a dangerously sexy song, exuding confidence, power, while touching a raw emotional nerve of social awareness. The anthem stands as Veiga Sanchez’s most direct to date. Yet continues to implement a stylistically, catchy melody, listeners will all too easily become swept up in euphoria with. Although the song has a beat which drives you straight to the dancefloor. Salt Ashes isn’t afraid to assert her liberated streak and fierceness in the narrative of the song.”

[spotify spotify:track:2VyqPNv2WsBcTInvEi08Gb ]

Sunday 23 September: Avril Lavinge – Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne, known for her hits Complicated, Sk8ter Boi and Hello Kitty indeed has grown-up. Yes, in 2013 she shouted to her audience Here’s to Never Growing Up. The 33-year-old’s new lead single Head Above Water from her upcoming album is a prayer to God not to let her drown. The song directly addresses her struggles with Lyme disease, the reason for fallen off our musical radar for the past few years. More info in a Billboard Magazine article.

[spotify spotify:track:1N7YeVU0ZwAFbOhwM61ef6 ]

Monday 24 September: Vosto – Plasma Groove

It’s time to donate blood plasma again tonight. Synthesizers to join me in the groove. Stretch the pose arm.
[spotify spotify:track:3GM8m2cJ8spIElehMFoBzM ]

Tuesday 25 September: Within Temptation & Jacobi Shaddix – The Reckoning

The lead single to Resist (out: 14 December 2018), the new album from Within Temptation was released last week.

[spotify spotify:track:4GSjFSK1SM78wPTVbsSB0S ]

Wednesday 26 September: Brookhurst – Are You Listening?

Yes, punk’s not dead. Are You Listening? Punk’s not dead!
[spotify spotify:track:7Cs0X1MD1N1r8HymEQ1LYw ]

Thursday 27 September: Florence + The Machine – Cornflake Girl

I discovered a fine cover of Tori Amos‘s Cornflake Girl by Florence + The Machine. Today’s contribution to #throwbackthursday. And for the ones that don’t know the original, I embeddeed the video of the 1994 hit.

[spotify spotify:track:0eJEcotVKze2Ioy4u0T7eR ]

Friday 28 September: Koos Alberts – Het leven is te mooi voor tranen

Koos Alberts, a Dutch popular singer passed away today at age 71. Life is too beautiful for tears.
[spotify spotify:track:3HcEdwp49OOaLb4ZzXRI8o ]

Saturday 29 September: The Divine Comedy – The Plough

First day of the annual Tocht om de Noord, this time dedicated to the perspectives of De Ploeg (a community of early 20th century expressionistic artists in the province of Groningen that labeled themselves The Plough).
[spotify spotify:track:3GM8m2cJ8spIElehMFoBzM ]

Sunday 30 September: The Cleaners from Venus – Follow the Plough

[spotify spotify:track:4BsUMcFTFd28Y7hbKnWzmw ]