Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 October

First round of contributions in October to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A retrospective of the past ten days.

Monday 1 October: Jain – On My Way

Last week the Belgian Metro newspaper had an interview with Jain who released her second album Souldier. Pop and reggeae with middle eastern influences. I’m On My Way.
[spotify spotify:track:0occFly3Mc8koSIdVsObkZ ]

Tuesday 2 October: I Am The Storm – These Lines

Trevor McNevan (Thousand Foot Krutch) has a new side project, I Am The Storm, with a 8-song EP Fight Musik, Vol.1 out.

[spotify spotify:track:7LkLkkpeBTuNKQCUhdT81s ]

Wednesday 3 October: Peter Heppner & Joachim Witt – Was Bleibt?

I stumbled upon the new single belonging to the Confessions & Doubts / TanzZwang 3-disc album by Peter Heppner (Wolfsheim). With Joachim Witt (guitarist/singer in the 1970s Krautrock band Duesenberg. ) he asks what remains…

[spotify spotify:track:3fw38jBuSRkyssoI5fDesv ]

Thursday 4 October: Emery – Safe

The lead single Safe from EVE, the new album of the American rock band Emery caused controversy, while I was at work. Whatever. Americans can get upset about F-bombs, while bombing other countries without a blink.
[spotify spotify:track:6Ma3VUZFQGmZflCKRgQuux ]

Friday 5 October: Kodaline – Hide and Seek

Catchy piano rock by Kodaline.
[spotify spotify:track:1H33wNKihn8zcTexnwUoJ6 ]

Saturday 6 October: Handsome Poets – Alles oké

For the very first time Dutch pop rock band Handsome Poets sing in their mother tongue. Everything is OK.
[spotify spotify:track:4QBflefUr0n5hrjCSOeiNq ]

Sunday 7 October: Russ Taff – I Still Believe (2018 version)/h3>
In January 2018 I paid attention to Russ Taff’s 80’s I Still Believe cover of The Call’s original. The singer is back with a worship album and a documentary exposing his longtime struggle with booze. Still, he believes. A bit more up tempo, freshly made for us.

[spotify spotify:track:3G8SpyyBy5zpWZfVZPoIGA ]

Monday 8 October: Joy Williams – Canary

Now, something completely different. Slow country folk by Joy Williams. Following the recent birth of her second child, Joy is steadily performing new music like Canary in advance of a solo album Front Porch release in 2019.
[spotify spotify:track:6z2WfgI5lYcq1su1WyOxQ9 ]

Tuesday 9 October: LZ7 & Keelie Walker – Breakthrough

UK-based LZ7 is still going strong.
[spotify spotify:track:0hfm1kuAVZtks2xdLUsbhw ]

Wednesday 10 October: Arlissa – We Won’t Move

Ever since her collaboration with Schiller for Not In Love, I keep an eye on the German singer Arlissa, mastering various styles, like the gospel in We Won’t Move, a song for The Hate U Give movie soundtrack.

[spotify spotify:track:1fyqNfKCRATtEMU7GQNapV ]