John Fanning – Ezekiel

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In seven days 99-year old Ezekiel Yusuf Moran reflects on his life as to hand down the Essene tradition to his grandson, Daniel. Jewish life in provincial France, French resistance service during World War II, Ezekiel survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, before entering a long quest for spiritual fulfillment that brings him to both Meccah and India. The underlying motive is to come to terms with the Essene tradition, the Jewish branch you may know from the Dead Sea Scrolls, although the sect is portrayed as the Masonic cult. Jewish heritage is stripped to a non-religious family tie, Roman Catholic Church lend ideas about Christianity, Islam contributed less to the religious potpourri that’s topped off with yoga postures and meditation until reaching enlightenment. Ezekiel became a homeopath. What in the end is worth passing on? John Fanning portrayed a wandering soul coming of age in Ezekiel.

About the author

My next two releases will be the Irish coming of age novel, A Brave Man Dead, and the noir mystery A Murder of Crows. I’m presently writing the second and third novels of what is becoming a historical trilogy, the first of which was Ezekiel. When I’m not writing, I run La Muse, an artists and writers retreat, with my wife Kerry. We live in the south of France.

I received a free ebook version from publisher La Muse Books  in exchange for my personal, unbiased review.