Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 11-20 September

The first ten contributions in September to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A retrospective of the past 10 days.

Tuesday 11 September: Emmaline – Save Me

Freshly baked by the Aussie Emmaline.

[spotify spotify:track:010Tne4MpKwodGNvHXIvL0 ]

Wednesday 12 September: Roosevelt – Getaway

Smooth synth pop in Getaway , the latest single by Roosevelt.
[spotify spotify:track:2Eg6jfQpSf7NXca2ufTATU ]

Thursday 13 September: Markus Schulz & Sebu Simonian

Need some strength? Markus Schulz & Sebu Simonian encourage you to climb on their shoulders.
[spotify spotify:track:1inXLgxt9t94SwjRItjZWt ]

Friday 14 September: Lauren Daigle – You Say

You Say is the new single from Look Up Child, the new Lauren Daigle record. This night I published my album review.

[spotify spotify:track:3ngc7rGlfeFaskU90EWl4R ]

Saturday 15 September: Wild Nothing – Partners in Motion

Time to walk on….as partners in motion with Wild Nothing.
[spotify spotify:track:0qCeDj0OwjeJL6K0LuRbz8 ]

Sunday 16 September: Prefab Sprout – The Ice Maiden

The brand new cover by Color Theory of English pop band Prefab Sprout‘s The Ice Maiden led me to discover the original from the 1990 Jordan: The Comeback album.
[spotify spotify:track:1sBum9BVHXfeYxXOKTi7qE ]

Monday 17 September: Paul van Dyk & Plumb: Music Rescues Me

Another fine collaboration between DJ / producer Paul van Dyk and singer Plumb.

[spotify spotify:track:51OKLPkeBryHaauCtddqi3 ]

Tuesday 18 September: Unheilig & Sotiria – Hallo Leben

New single by German act Unheilig and Eisblume singer Sotiria Schenk.

[spotify spotify:track:2mDuTTAGpBlI6fmvhrzeao ]

Wednesday 19 September: Psalmen voor nu: Psalm 37: Compleet gelukkig

This very first evening with the small group of our church reading, studying, and learning from the book of Psalms, Psalm 37 is in the spotlights. This Dutch rocking version of the words showcases in eleven minutes song all the thoughts diaplayed in #37.
[spotify spotify:track:1G2Ti8wO3IFJ3pWWvN0AO4 ]

Thursday 20 September: Bob Moses – Back Down

Back down? Don’t think so.

[spotify spotify:track:5NMV8GTUZ3LaU4BBjuVPSB ]