C.A. Hewitson – Hitler’s Escape

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In Hitler’s Escape, a 45-minute short story, C.A. Hewitson let Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun have their suicide in the Berlin bunker be a staged one, having a German double sacrifice his life. Hitler escapes with a submarine to a small Argentinian harbor where he gets an estate as a present to retire and relax. Finally, time to pick up painting again after all the years of struggle to make Germany great again.

But can Hitler escape his fate? Two odd characters enter the Argentinian stage to prevent that. I’ll no further spoil the plot, but the confrontation is painful. The booklet provides a different perspective on accountability and practicing love and justice, well-written and entertaining.

About the author

C.A. Hewitson likes playing ‘ghost game’ with her children, eating vegan with her husband to help save the planet, and going to the cinemas with old friends. She likes writing short stories most of all, because she can explore all genres and get lost in the worlds of her characters. Supernatural and paranormal stories are her favorite.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my unbiased, personal opinion upon reading.