Adam T Hourlution – 3 Hour Dad: Reading Is Believing

When I hear or read about women who claim that they didn’t know they were pregnant I have my doubts. Adam T Hourlution tells his short story of unexpectedly becoming a dad in 3 Hour Dad: Reading Is Believing. Without any clue upfront, this guy was called by his future mother in law to get to the hospital immediately because his fiancée’s contractions had begun and a newborn was on its way. Adam’s partner gave birth to a full term baby 3 hours later. She had had no bump, no symptoms, whatsoever as a preparation for motherhood. The couple didn’t live together yet, understandably buy any clothes or furniture for the baby, and were immersed in parenthood instantly.

3 Hour Dad is not meant to remove my doubts. It’s a humorous narrative about the few hours between being just a normal guy with a job to a fresh father.

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