Matthew Booth – When Anthony Rathe Investigates

I didn’t know the prosecuting criminal cases, barrister Anthony Rathe character prior to reading the collection When Anthony Rathe Investigates by Matthew Booth. The original Anthony Rathe stories of courtroom criminal cases appeared on American public radio, syndicated by the late Jim French through his Imagination Theater. The book continuous where the radio stories finished. Four stories focus on the quest for truth and justice, no matter how inconvenient.  To build up trust and tension Rathe’s private investigations are contrasted to Inspector Cook. The stories read like a classic crime story on TV, concise, and conversations to look into the investigator’s line of thought to solve the whodunnit puzzle. Burial for the Dead kicks off with a brutal murder in a church where a priest gave the key to a visitor that wanted to confess his deepest sin. The second story, A Question of Proof, Cook and Rathe collaborate in an underworld murder case. A crime of passion is investigated in Ties that Bind Rathe, while in the last story, The Quick and the Dead, modern slavery is addressed.

I received a free review copy from the Sparkling Books publishers through NetGalley in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading.