L Dalton White – Complicity: A Thriller

Nathalie finds a diary indicating that her ex-boyfriend’s father Pete is still alive, despite recorded as missing persons for weeks now. This urges her to find him no matter the costs. In Complicity: A Thriller, this quest across the United States while being threatened and attacked, beaten and almost raped several times proves that no one can be trusted, even among family and friends. Curiosity kills the cat. The non-linear narrative jumps back and forth between summer and autumn leading to a point where from a fictional day I a sequential order is kept. It would make sense of taking notes of chapter titles and dates to help your brain remembering what you’re reading.

An interesting plot around the Minority, a criminal and dangerous motorcycle club involved in human trafficking and murder, is the pit all main characters have a role as actor or victim. I really enjoyed reading Complicity.


About the author

American born L Dalton White lives this chapter of what has been an amazing journey in a small village in the Westerwald region of Germany. With The Book of Jake, Reunion, and Complicity published, Playing In The Band, Crackup, The Carpenterís Companion, and So Long As Itís A Glass are currently in the works. Learn more at ldaltonwhite.com

I received a free copy of this book from the author without strings attached. The review upon reading reflects my unbiased opinion.