Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 21-30 June

A new batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Thursday 21 June: CHVRCHES – Get Out

This acoustic version of CHVRCHESGet Out was recorded at Spotify Studios NYC and came out this week.
[spotify spotify:track:0QvvK86gAGLFgkawAy94dT ]

Friday 22 June – Kate Boy – Giants

The Australian synth pop duo Kate Boy is back with another new single, called Giants.

[spotify spotify:track:6wWCWWETWfZ1RisWEumfH3 ]

Saturday 23 June – St. Vincent – Fast, Slow Disco

Saturday night fever?
[spotify spotify:track:6Xk5AaN4n4SnW71473GI7A ]

Sunday 24 June – Years & Years – If You’re Over Me (Acoustic)

Next year, on 25 January 2019 to be precise, Years & Years will perform in Amsterdam as part of their Palo Santo Tour. Ticket sales just started. Here’s the new acoustic version of If You’re Over Me, their poppy single of some weeks ago.
[spotify spotify:track:1oswV3ElkS1NYNsgeXTs9p ]

Monday 26 June – Evanescence & Lindsey Stirling – Hi-Lo

Evanescence & Lindsey Stirling collaborated on this one. They’re touring together throughout the U.S.
[spotify spotify:track:2ysOIli1VbJrk1WIZvH95K ]

Tuesday 27 June – MAE – 5 Light Years

After the past decade of just a few new songs here and there or a few re-releases (on vinyl) of their past catalog, the band MAE is back with 5 Light Years.
[spotify spotify:track:6hejeM6Q8YkhQZGua67rdU ]

Thursday 28 June – Paperwhite – Loop

Paperwhite‘s new single, Loop, came out a week ago.
[spotify spotify:track:2p2WVrioQLEhL98bfmx5Bh ]

Friday 29 June – The Gray Havens – Forever

[spotify spotify:track:2P6ZosUGUTBvjJxdYqy5qr ]

Saturday 30 June – Flash Forward – End of June

A rocking end to the first six months of 2018.
[spotify spotify:track:7nlaeoUEhOpaFMqBa7s9w0 ]