Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 June

Ten new contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Friday, 1 June: Names Without Numbers – Goodnight

Yes, real rock again to add some weight to the playlist.

Saturday, 2 June: Tina Boonstra – Concrete Heart

Unmistakenbly Dutch roots. A good reason to feature Tina Boonstra‘s Concrete Heart.

Sunday, 3 June: The Innocence Mission – Look out from Your Window

Monday, 4 June: HAEVN – City Lights

Tuesday, 5 June: Electro Spectre – The Way You Love

Wednesday, 6 June: Derri Daugherty – Unhypnotized

Thursday, 7 June: Crystal Lewis – Dancing Through Tunnels

Crystal Lewis still can dance and compose infectuous songs. Voulez vous danser avec moi? If this is the lead single to a full album, I’m in!

💃🏼6.1.18💃🏼 Creating, producing and releasing new music never gets old… the thrill of it, the nail biting nervousness of showing people, the anticipation of putting it out in the world, the hope that it’s well received…it’s all a balance of “this is for you” vs “this is for me”. Both/And. I hope the words help you find the strength to hold on, get up, move forward, dance through whatever tunnel you’re currently in. I can’t thank you enough for supporting and encouraging me!!! Love you guys…. I give you Dancing Through Tunnels💃🏼 (link to purchase in profile/link to video in my story) written by: me, Jonathan Korszyk, Michael ‘WUFF’ Wofford, Thomas Drayton // produced by The Function (Jonathan Korszyk and Mike Wofford) // Keys: Megan Meade; Guitar: Mike Wofford; Bass: Thomas Drayton; Drums: Brandon Combs; Programming: Mike Wofford; Mix: Eddie Ponce // VIDEO: DP/Director: Jeremy Ryan; Makeup: Chrissie Marie ; Clothes and styling: me; all sets built by Jeremy Ryan and Gavin O’Neill

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Friday, 8 June: The New Division – Fader

Fantastic title track from The New Division’s new EP.

Saturday, 9 June: CHVRCHES – Get Out (Roosevelt remix)

Sunday, 10 June: Mark Massey – June 10 – Can You Dig?

A jazzy twist to celebrate my birthday party.