Thomas Leslie McRae – Pimp in the Pulpit Part II

I was invited by Thomas Leslie McRae to read the sequel to Pimp in the Pulpit  (2017). Again 42 pages filled with dysfunctional family members of Edward Jones facing each other at a funeral, dealing with a teacher that throws a Snickers, Independence Day BBQ, Thanksgiving fiasco, and other lowlights, bad language, slapping and kicking. Although McRae thanks his Lord and Savior for inspiration and friendship, there’s nothing left of guarding one’s tongue, grace, forgiveness or hope. Rather than being encouraged this short fiction title easily could offend you. The endless stream of profanity is over the top. There’s an unbelievable happy end to all the bizarre scenes and harsh conversational lines. “The party lasted almost all night, filled with laughter, joy, and no form of despair.” Sure.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading. Here’s an interview with Thomas McRae.