Martin Dillon – The Serpent’s Tail

Set in the early 1970’s The Serpent’s Tail by author and journalist Martin Dillon from Northern Ireland features teenagers Stephen Kirkpatrick and Michael McDonnell. Michael is adventurous, while Stephen just wants to start a family and an end to the political strife he grew up with and emigrate to the USA. Political and religious factions in a fight with each other during The Troubles were infiltrated from England’s MI5, the SAS and the IRA for information gathering and counter-espionage. The political thriller has unnerving scenes of torture and interrogations, inmates struggling to stay alive, and normal people drawn into situations were fairness, honesty and love are nowhere to be found. No one’s safe, no one worth your trust. Who placed bombs in Dublin? Is the serpent biting its own tail? And who’s who in the battleground?

It’s the bizarre breeding ground for Sinn Fein to enter the stage. The Serpent’s tail has an epilogue set in 1994 and was originally published in 1995. Thistle Publishing republished this title. The reader’s memory is refreshed – supposing you’re old enough to remember some background of the Northern Ireland’s situation by then.

About the author
Martin Dillon is an author and journalist from Northern Ireland. He worked for eighteen years at the BBC and has written a number of plays and novels, but he is best known for his non-fiction books about the Troubles.He gained particular acclaim for his book on the Shankill Butchers, although this and other works on terrorism lead to him receiving death threats from a number of terrorist groups, which resulted in his migration to France, and later to the United States. He also wrote books about the loyalist paramilitary Michael Stone and Special Air Service founder Paddy Mayne.

I received a complimentary review copy from David Haviland, Thistle Publishing agent.