Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 21-31 May

The final batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Monday 21 May: Little Boots – Eros

Recommended synth pop tune. Source unknown, but who cares?

[spotify spotify:track:3G1MMJgC1wU21ETRVeSmE9 ]

Tuesday 22 May: morgxn and The Naked and Fmous – alone/forever

TNAF: thanks for notifying!

[spotify spotify:track:2cGI95Kn0PObDeaD4i68k0 ]

Wednesday 23 May: Chromatics – Black Walls

Synthpop for a darkened room by the American electronic music band Chromatics.
[spotify spotify:track:5olN1P9lt7hZTG5k19YBUH ]

Thursday 24 May: Preston Reed – Delayed Train

The theme song for this work week is ‘delayed train’. Incredible excuses, bizarre alternative routes, all six train trips ended up in significant delays. Tomorrow, I’ll be working from home 🙂
[spotify spotify:track:2L41J3uYzzC5UfQB6xhMJx ]

Friday 25 May: Markus Schulz & JES – Calling for Love

Vocal trance to kick off this weekend!
[spotify spotify:track:51a6vsvbaN20kWmF9DW3gV ]

Saturday 26 May: Lucy Malheur – Sunny Saturday

Today, I’m out for a Kennedy March in in the Lauwersmeer National Park. Fifty miles to enjoy the sunshine while walking.
[spotify spotify:track:4ZO9qtOQrsEg30S820yEsr ]

Sunday 27 May: Musikkolektivet Halvhemligt – The BBQ Song

Guess what’s were doing tonight.
[spotify spotify:track:5AygLupQtR5ZlJ0dK5Xrig ]

Monday 28 May: A New Normal & Molly Jenson – Choose to Listen

Most of the times a better option to choose.
[spotify spotify:track:3wwlXlfygY7QxZ89l5KejE ]

Tuesday 29 May: The Purple Dandies – Dark Belgian Chocolate

What I need after two days in Brussels? Dark Belgian chocolate 😉
[spotify spotify:track:1eFmj0ItTjwsGzP4qbBYf8 ]

Wednesday 30 May: Mickey Singh & Amar Sandhu – Rooftop Party

This evening Capgemini Financial Services gathers on the Cinemec Utrecht rooftop for an after work party.
[spotify spotify:track:57wYyAwumNXyh6LudPrDZI ]

Thursday 31 May: Last Night On Earth – Easy

Synth pop recommended by Jer White on his Pansentient New Synthpop 2018 playlist. I agree.
[spotify spotify:track:4gaK5ZaZ4X17NuyhS5k2k1 ]