Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 May

The final batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Tuesday 1 May: Annalisa – Il mondo prima di te

[spotify spotify:track:0qM6TGkkinhKFllbcRfL8u ]

Wednesday 2 May: Emma – Effeto Domino-

[spotify spotify:track:5mRm8oHEHwmhhkCoK1g60x ]

Thursday 3 May: Florence + The Machine – Hunger

[spotify spotify:track:6HJcuxVgYjxcYDnPG0ystc ]

Friday 4 May: Ginny Owens – Remind Me

While in the Netherlands we remind the fallen since the start of World War II, Ginny Owens released her new single, Remind Me.

[spotify spotify:track:7bHAw0TgNO8yDxtnEo62gS ]

Saturday 5 May: Meg Myers – Numb

Youtube recommended to listen to Numb by the American singer-songwriter Meg Myers, the lead single from her upcoming album Take Me To The Disco. And yes, I agree it’s a fine mid-tempo rock tune to listen to.
[spotify spotify:track:2ahiCEvEC1gqx7Yi76QWA9 ]

Sunday 6 May: Neil Diamond – Sunday Sun

What a fantastic weather this weekend! An oldie to remember this Sunday Sun.
[spotify spotify:track:47htFvi3NFKRJTm9jmyZZc ]

Monday 7 May: Sideview – Running Sounds Better With You

1998’s Music Sounds Better With You reworked and a little faster. Time to get out and run.
[spotify spotify:track:0jUY7AsXzikAsjBt6KNTLZ]

Tuesday 8 May: Osibisa – Sunshine Day

Leave your jacket at home, even if you go to Brussels. Lots of songs about sunshine. I picked this one.
[spotify spotify:track:3VpmikJ0a7AEk94NkQ8IGp ]

Wednesday 9 May: Boudewijn de Groot – Het Land van Maas en Waal

We’re exploring this region in the Netherlands, so enjoy the good old Boudewijn de Groot.
[spotify spotify:track:2nk4SnUS6xe1iB5SeIBbgo ]

Thursday 10 May: Phil Wickham – The Ascension

Waiting for Christ’s return we celebrate today his ascension to his Father.
[spotify spotify:track:4yQpWXJuBNQqqvRvBEwgam ]