Hemant Singh – Happy Go Lucky

After an autobiography According To Me, Hemant Singh penned Happy Go Lucky, a mixture of coming of age, erotica and portraying an anti-hero pur sang in an Indian setting. Enter Happy who wants to go lucky, but isn’t. Teenage boy’s obsession with girls and adult women to have sex with continues into Happy’s later years. Female breasts are his focus point, and the author’s one to describe the multitude of sexual encounters. You may doubt whether this fiction gone wild describes contemporary Indian society correctly. The Indian English is penned in a way no American or British novel would pass the editorial desk. “The bus stopped at this thatched-roof shed, which was the local bus stop cum bajii cum cigarette cum tea cum arrack shop. Nothing else, as far as the eyes can see. He had his Charms ciggie and went for a walk for another kilometer or so to reach the school. Tucked deep within. Evenings.” No single relationship lasts for more than a few pages, the number of characters passing by in this book is overwhelming. I continued reading because I was curious what plot Hermant Singh had in mind, but I’ve come across way better books many times as a lucky reader.

About the author

Hemant Singh (1966) is based in Bangalore, India worked for others until he started a venture of his own. He has an e-commerce setup that sources and sell big plus size clothes and accessories.

I received a free copy from the author to review without strings attached. My review expresses my personal opinions upon reading.