Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 April

The final batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Sunday 1 April: Chris Tomlin – Resurrection Power

Worship songs composer Chris Tomlin just released Resurrection Power to remind us of the incredible effects of Jesus Christ’s resurrection in our lives.
[spotify spotify:track:1vnck3K44Q1WCvn0EGAZdW ]

Monday 2 April: Burdy – Allo allo Lauwersoog

Today I walked from Pieterburen to Lauwersoog the Pronkjewailpad.
[spotify spotify:track:2ujyDgNyw4luXUjSmfeuTb ]

Tuesday 3 April: Ede Staal – Mien Toentje

My Garden in the dialect of this Elvis of the North, Ede Staal. I had my awkward moments yesterday, captured by both a radio and tv reporter for not knowing who this singer was. Famous in the whole of Groningen!
[spotify spotify:track:55hafQWw5QCXzjUE7NePca ]

Wednesday 4 April: Tremors – Technicolour

More intense synth pop today from Tremors.
[spotify spotify:track:7bjITCNSKQR9ziqSysQvlb ]

Thursday 5 April: Skillet – AWake and Alive

Skillet’s Awake and Alive filmed live at the PinkPop Festival 2016 was recommended to me on Youtube last weekend. Let’s have a #throwbackthursday

[spotify spotify:track:0nkzd3yNniB767zSDDdLZ3 ]

Friday 6 April: Olivera – No More

[spotify spotify:track:6oA7NzN7FgmXv7l7Y638HL ]

Saturday 7 April: Loyals – To The Top

Northbound for walking another track of the Pronkjewailpad. Loyals to bring the beat today.
[spotify spotify:track:4FIdVfqcQZGy7SlpugYa8C ]

Sunday 8 April: Level 42 – Running In The Family

With my youngest brother running 5 kilometers and my sister and I going for a 15 kilometers run around the city of Deventer, running’s in the family.
[spotify spotify:track:3vbVPTqsL1J9To9HXiGwX0 ]

Monday 9 April: Teeel – Synth City

Suzanne is the vocalist to this single taken from the new Overtime album by Teeel.
[spotify spotify:track:70At5mpA4zF9dMfVWwUK5M ]

Tuesday 10 April: Jacques Brel – Bruxelles

Time to get to Brussels again.
[spotify spotify:track:2GQvUuGblDGjdFNPDswqoT ]