Eoin Macken – Hunter And The Grape

With only $342 in his pocket, 18-year-old Cat travels from Albuquerque to Los Angeles to find a girl. Not any girl – Sophie Durango, the girl he’s in love with, or at least he’s dreaming of to be in love. He crosses Star, a vagabond girl from Utah, who renames him to Hunter and calls herself Grape. Together they embark on a bizarre journey across states, making more friends with Sir Will and his dog Delilah. Grape’s influence is growing en determines Hunter’s destination.

Hitchhiking, drugs selling, winning some money and losing all in Las Vegas, closing in on Grape, while having vivid memories on the love affair with Sophie Durango as well, Cat is kicked out of a casino and night club, is introduced to weed, the Pacific Ocean only to find out that love can be lost and found.

The narrative in Eoin C. Macken‘s Hunter and the Grape is raw, conversations overflowing from F-words and sexuality, while nowhere explicit sex is described or used to support the storyline. The book was more Young Adult oriented than expected.

About the author

Eoin C Macken studied Psychology in UCD, Dublin before pursuing an acting and film making career. He is best known for his role in BBC’s hit show ‘Merlin’ as Gwaine, as Gavin Cluxton on RTE s Fair City and in the lead role of TC Callahan in the upcoming NBC/Sony prime time show ‘The NightShift’ in America this summer. He also appeared in BBC’s ‘Small Island’, Paul Mercier’s ‘Studs’, The Tudors and Mike Figgis’ latest film ‘Suspension of Disbelief’.

Eoin was the cinematographer on the international award- winning ‘Charlie Casanova’, Mark O Connor s 2012 Galway Film Fleadh success ‘Stalker’, while directing the 2013 Frightfest Film Festival Premiering Horror Film ‘The Inside’, an acclaimed indie horror that was released across the UK, USA and Australia, and the 2009 documentary The Fashion of Modelling that aired on RTE.

Eoin wrote, directed and produced the indie feature Cold which premiered in the Galway Film Fleadh last year starring Jack Reynor, Tom Hopper and himself to be released in late 2014.


I’ve won a copy of Hunter And The Grape in the August 2017 LibraryThing Early Reviewers contest, and got one through publisher Poolbeg Press. My opinions are my own.