Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 11-20 March

The final batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Sunday 11 March: Hawk Nelson – Never Let You Down

The lead single from the upcoming Miracles album by Hawk Nelson features Hunter and Tara.
[spotify spotify:track:4JIMwGkG3svDjf2gECIfed ]

Monday 12 March: JES – The One

The pitched up opening vocal hook tells you to expect the unexpected in the next 3 minutes. A super infectious bass riff drops with a pounding beat and song launches with a fierce energy. Boisterous synths and lively bass underpin JES’ heavily processed vocals in what is a sublime combination of cool electronic production and unabashed pop melodies. The song lifts with each new section reaching new heights until a vocoded bridge brings a moment of clarity to the emotional uproar before we are pulled back into the party for one final fling with the last chorus and lip syncing is mandatory. “The One” Turns the fun knob up to eleven, bringing together a contagious energy and a passionate vulnerability. Don’t think about it, just feel it. Enjoy ….
[spotify spotify:track:2dNbQPqJcrZnjcTYY1RgCP ]

Tuesday 13 March: Haerts – Wings

Smooth mid-tempo pop track by German, New York based indie pop band Haerts.
[spotify spotify:track:2GmDSynJNq91LwK4ExQwBL ]

Wednesday 14 March: Boris Smith – Be Yourself

So true.

[spotify spotify:track:1JZmjtvKEZfFiSXp4oReNf ]

Thursday 15 March: Petra – This Means War!

When I saw Vox Populi by Thirty Seconds to Mars from their album This Is War! being played by my youngest brother, I was triggered to honour christian rock band Petra with their 1987 album This Means War! on this #throwbackthursday.
[spotify spotify:track:2afKYSTOH117B53FK4BKxS ]

Friday 16 March: Kate Boy – Dopamin


[spotify spotify:track:3zxeh4rFrh3bue37MKD1yo ]

Saturday 17 March: We Are Temporary – Candy

80’s synth pop revisited.
[spotify spotify:track:0vQRzB6vHovjyiLo9rDwZ0 ]

Sunday 18 March: Years & Years – Sanctify

Since their 2015 debut album Communion the London synth-pop trio Years & Years brought disco bop Meteorite from the movie Bridget Jones’s Baby. It was quiet for a while, but on 7 March after a series of brief video trailers, Years & Years gave us what we’ve been waiting for, a gleaming new single which revealed slight tweaks to the bands signature soulful, electronic sound.

[spotify spotify:track:7gbpozqwdFoqvv19BTk2hu ]

Monday 19 March: Apollo LTD – One In A Million

Smooth 80’s influenced pop rock by Apollo LTD to start this new work week.
[spotify spotify:track:70Wsfvr0gJmTzHPSnJyJJE ]

Tuesday 20 March: Deepack – Unite

Cross-border gathering in Brussels these days to strengthened Unite initiatives for Finance. I found this uplifting, hardstyle companion track by Deepack, a Dutch trio by the way. Cross musical borders every now and then too 😉
[spotify spotify:track:5y84Vt9HWofVxGPSmqKKze ]