Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 March

The final batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Thursday 1 March: Chvrches – My Enemy

After Get Out a few weeks ago, My Enemy, from the upcoming May 25 release of Love is Dead, is a special collaboration with Matt Berninger of The National.
[spotify spotify:track:0mU1jPbUHzvgmuXY8tiA3d ]

Friday 2 March: Taro Umebayashi – Let’s Go Skatin’

After work hours it’s time for a 10km run and 8km ice skating in the Ommerschans. Finally a chance to test my new skates!

[spotify spotify:track:4ZFVvZgHyrDoeEDmnOhEKL ]

Saturday 3 March: Kim Wilde – Pop Don’t Stop – The 12″ remix

Kim Wilde is still performing at live concerts. Pop Don’t Stop is a brand new song from the upcoming Here Come the Aliens album.

[spotify spotify:track:1853x7pEu8dZIsDBvz8S5u ]

Sunday 4 March: Future of Forestry – Abundance

On 1 March Union, the new album from Future of Forestry was released. Instrumental pieces to listen to. Abundance is a good example of the record’s atmosphere.
[spotify spotify:track:6ASFxAMkmArpyAl2RsgqL5 ]

Monday 5 March: FM-84 & Ollie Wride – Runnin in the Night

Normally I prefer to run at daylight hours, but this song suggests otherwise.
[spotify spotify:track:0E3HnGJSMplqBSYGsh2exH ]

Tuesday 6 March: Class Actress – Journal of Ardency

More synth pop today from Class Actress.
[spotify spotify:track:6sbOGldEofWsQlq1GjdHJK ]

Wednesday 7 March: Lo Moon – My Money

I saw Lo Moon perform last year as support act to London Grammar in Amsterdam. Lo Moon has new music out. Worth listening to.
[spotify spotify:track:4ejsR61gqdSoyyFnil6wMp ]

Thursday 8 March: Mary Mary – Shackles (Praise You)

This worship song made it into the hit parade back in 1999. Mary Mary accomplished what others only could dream about when doing a cross-over. Today’s #throwbackthursday is for the ladies.

[spotify spotify:track:5siee1e4lz8uF51OokjglA ]

Friday 9 March: Kylie Minogue – Dancing

Kylie Minogue is back to get you and me into dancing. Don’t get fooled by the happy sound. The lyrics are about death, according to the Australian artist. The single is a teaser for the upcoming Golden album.

[spotify spotify:track:4BbuCXv0yY8Xb870IVYqUe ]

Saturday 10 March: Kate Faust – Breaking Free

Weekend: breaking free!
[spotify spotify:track:24pJSIlCgklcBqruCVPL8d ]