Christine Horner – Attribution

When I started reading Attribution by Christine Horner, I expected a fast-paced plot with a limited set of characters aimed to unearth a secret or catch a bad guy. Instead, I was delivered a myriad of characters, location switches between U.S. locations, and Stockholm in Sweden, and other Scandinavian spots. Flashbacks from 2036 to current era U.S. presidency, fake news, and the Chinese involvement in the U.S. economy, are mixed with science fiction, a new Las Vegas, a vertical city in which water shortage problems were over. Truby Goodman is a kind of transgender, but active in Alpha Generation community out to solve the water problems.

There are off-gridders in multiple places in the book, just like the Ganesha elephant-shaped talisman that binds family members, journalist skills, PNN as the future counterpart to nowaday’s CNN. Meet the Global Security Council’s WREN project on both water and rare earth materials supply, as well as the manifestation of the Unified One World Government near the book’s ending. At several points during my 6+ hours of reading, I was tempted to put the book aside. Yet I was curious to find out what the real plot’s about. Sometimes I thought I found clues, more often I just continued reading unaware of who’s who and what on Earth they’re here. in short: this off-grid plot is not my cup of tea, regardless the literary prizes an author has won in the past.

About the author


Christine Horner easily demystifies what ails society, helping readers end personal suffering, discover their true purpose, and start living the life they’ve always wanted when we consciously merge mind, body, and spirit, (science, too!). Christine is a 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize-nominated author specializing in humanity’s ongoing evolutionary shift from separation to unity consciousness—Humanity 2.0. Co-founder of the What Would Love Do Foundation, she has been featured on many programs and written for international publications.

I received a complimentary copy from Yugen Press in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.