Tips for Travel Luggage

      No Comments on Tips for Travel Luggage asked me a while ago to test drive a few of their cool travel gadgets – must have travel equipment and gear. With several international flights on our family’s schedule this year, I agreed. Here are my findings.

Cabin Baggage Carry On Travel Bottle Set

Plastic bottles to contain fluids to clean lenses, after shave, etc. are available everywhere. I didn’t see bottles for drinks that can be brought on board an airplane as cabin baggage. This package of three (1.25cl; 2cl; 3cl) will meed that requirement. Handy, no leaks thanks to the tightly fitting bottle caps. A nice transparent bag contains the three travel bottles. Let’s have a drink!

Travel Luggage Lock with Cable (Pack of 3)

These padlocks are useful when your suitcase hasn’t a lock. The three-digit PIN can be set, instructions come with each of the three locks. Cable should be strong enough to keep unauthorized people of your valuables. Keep your belongings secure and safe using a travel luggage lock with cable. The package contains thee locks, hopefully enough to protect all your travel luggage.