Takeaways from the Capgemini & LinkedIn organized FinTech FaceOff

Today fintech and incumbents industry leaders and key influencers from across Europe and the US joined in a live, industry-shaping online debate around the most compelling future roadmaps for finance: the FinTech FaceOff, organized by Capgemini and LinkedIn to accompany the launch of the Fintech World Report 2018.

What’s the FinTech FaceOff setup?

The event was streamed live on Youtube from Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) in Londen and London and LinkedIn’s NYC office. The debate was moderated by Jill Schlesinger of CBS News in NYC and Sarah Kocianski (FinTech lead at Business Insider) in London. Capgemini consultants Sankar Krishnan and Elias Ghanem were co-captains on each location. The 2 ½ hour, 10 Round debate had some great executives from incumbents (Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, USAA, Lloyds Banking Group, TSB), FinTechs/Challengers (Betterment, Kabbage, Monzo, Bud, CBW Bank, Goldbean, Hearsay Systems), and an Accelerator (Startupbootcamp). Social team teams from the Americas and Europe representing the biggest FinTech social influencers shared their views and promoting their teams’ live debate commentary on Twitter. Those 15 influencers have over 600k followers on Twitter and include leaders from American Banker, Reuters, and Celent. As you can imagine this led to #WFTR18 being a trending topic today because the audience was challenged to comment and vote on Twitter as well. You can watch the fast-paced debate recording here.

Provoking thoughts and takeaways

I collected a series of tweets and Youtube videos while watching the faceoff this afternoon. Hopefully, it’s a good and information-rich impression from the exciting and inspiring meeting.


Next up: an in-depth review of the Fintech Report 2018 itself. I’ll read it first. Get your free copy online.