Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 11-20 February

I added ten new songs to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. Enjoy.

Sunday 11 February: Stryper – Take it to the Cross

Stryper’s latest single was released on Friday. Rather fast and heavy for a Sunday, but anyway: take your sins to the cross of Jesus Christ, and leave ’em there.

[spotify spotify:track:4uTPhN6ecHsz005Gqp0h8g ]

Monday 12 February: Sinestar – A Million Like Us

[spotify spotify:track:4WgVC4mdCNDmHaS53i6CLo ]

Tuesday 13 February: LCAW & Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Hummingbird

[spotify spotify:track:4XrpyLKVB7uR1yKE0BxQkc ]

Wednesday 14 February: Chicane – Still With Me (Disco Citizens Remix)

Love’s still alive.
[spotify spotify:track:5ff6hNSkmaZFBUIQG4VDEG ]

Thursday 15 February: Christine Denté – See Through Me

A special #throwbackthursday today. Leon van Wijngaarden discovered the Closer to Free 5-song EP by Christine Denté, half of Out of the Grey, a 90’s Christian pop music duo.
[spotify spotify:track:6kMzpqqFlxMc6P341Ll3dO ]

Friday 16 February: Bob Marley & The Wailers – Could You Be Beloved?

Today I finished reading the Dutch translation of So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley by Roger Steffens. Could You Be Loved to celebrate this.
[spotify spotify:track:5M66UfXByT0qNSNq5zovxn ]

Saturday 17 February: Sandra McCracken – Kindness

On Wednesday Songs from the Valley, a 7-song EP with acoustic songs crafted by Sandra McCracken over the past 3 years was released. Let’s share Kindness.
[spotify spotify:track:4vs1oxoYOxItLMelGTewpg ]

Sunday 18 February: Christa Wells – Velveteen

“If perfect turns to into perfect mess and all your love is all there’s left.” Call me Velveteen, Christa Wells‘ latest ballad states.
[spotify spotify:track:4EqMffOPYDDgXlwPgYgbUy ]

Monday 19 February: Delta Goodrem – Think About You

A promising single. New music coming up from sporty Delta Goodrem.
[spotify spotify:track:49wvp0zE6RvYuxUrCoHgl6 ]

Tueday 20 February: Charlie Peacock – Still Water

Charlie Peacock released When Light Flashes Help Is On the Way last Friday. Smooth jazzy tunes to relax.
[spotify spotify:track:1eqrEUzLW8QB5B60KZXKDg ]