Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 February

I added ten new songs to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. Enjoy.

Thursday 1 February: Charlie Straight – Someone With a Slow Heartbeat

I visited Red Cross / Sanquin Blood Bank again today for a blood plasma donation. Heart rate at 50bpm during the medical check-up is the inspiration for today’s song.
[spotify spotify:track:7rLze1TE8S6dMfudqb4Kvj ]

Friday 2 February: Handsome Poets – Make It Better

The Dutch band Handsome Poets are back with a new 4 song EP since 2015. Make It Better is the title track from the first of three albums in a series.
[spotify spotify:track:237baofcJIbbokABM1moam ]

Saturday 3 February: The Midnight – We Move Forward

Walk on this Saturday. We move forward with a instrumental trance tune.
[spotify spotify:track:6Rh2SVMO8JCbT3qdBr5V6d ]

Sunday 4 February: Chvrches – Get Out

Wow, a new single by the Scottish synth pop band CHVRCHES.
[spotify spotify:track:3dhl7hXKfEeGYshNWUqaiy ]

Monday 5 February: Dallas Kalevala – Moon Makes Me Happy

Monday was called after the Moon. And why would it be a blue Monday? Dallas Kalevala helps you through the day.
[spotify spotify:track:6h9xr82iAhKY9LmhNyEs2s ]

Tuesday 6 February: The Horrors – Something to Remember Me By

Smooth synth pop for today. The Horrors don’t scare me.
[spotify spotify:track:5pEhq0Q6WwyPThahU6YxMM ]

Wednesday 7 February: Eels – I Need Some Sleep

Flu’s creeping by since Sunday. Sleep, lots of sleep were needed so far to keep me up and running during office hours.
[spotify spotify:track:0KEjnHsuzVMkQZUNaCMElT ]

Thursday 8 February: The Cardigans – Sick & Tired

I had to give in today to the flu. No 5 AM wake-up call to get to Brussels for work, but multiple layers of clothing to keep me a little warm. Sick & Tired, yet the mood’s OK. I cannot modify circumstances.
[spotify spotify:track:38WZtcmmsivCiXblyrVw75 ]

Friday 9 February: Fireflight – I Won’t Look Back

Yes, Fireflight still can rock! Today, the band released I Won’t Look Back. Hopefully more new music, a full album will follow soon.
[spotify spotify:track:5llksYcJ2Q7eL5HaCMZdvE ]

Saturday 10 February: Caro Emerald – Whatchugot (PiSK remix)

This is a catchy tune!
[spotify spotify:track:3rHvEyIES0vSF2iUNwwrA9 ]