Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 21-31 January

I added ten new songs to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. Enjoy.

Sunday 21 January: Michael W. Smith – Crashing Waves

Michael W. Smith experiments with a vocoder on this 2nd single from his two (!) upcoming full albums. A couple of weeks patience needed before the listening and reviewing of new MWS audio material can start.

Monday 22 January: Jasmine Murray – No Other Love

A self-titled debut infectious pop album by Jasmine Murray came along my player and stuck there for a while.

Tuesday 23 January: The Young Escape – Good Life

It is a good life.

Wednesday 24 January: Sanctus Real – Pray

It’s the national prayer week in The Netherlands. Christians from all churches and denominations gather to pray.

Thursday 25 January: 65dba – Purify (Dance Remix)

On this #throwbackthursday I take you back to the nights I was dancing on 65dba songs at the Flevo Festival main stage.

Friday 26 January: Author – Smoke

Well-done single, Some, by Author. You can buy it on their Bandcamp site.

Saturday 27 January: Nicole C. Mullen – Like Never Before

Nicole C. Mullen is back with girl power, gospel, hymns, blues, broken love, faith, and hope. Her Like Never Before album title track deserves a spot in this playlist.

Sunday 28 January: Social Club Misfits & Tauren Wells – War Cry

Battle cry song format by Social Club Misfits and Tauren Wells (formerly with Royal Tailor) that was recognized by Seven FM to become their weekly special airplay track.

Monday 29 January: Cecilia Kallin – Runaway

Smooth pop tune by Swedish singer-songwriter Cecilia Kallin. She was the lead singer and guitarist in the Swedish girl band Timoteij between 2010-2016.

Tuesday 30 January: Delphi – Blue Tuesday

Just joking. I didn’t get the gist of the blue Monday a couple of weeks ago. Why isn’t there a blue Tuesday? Or is it just a marketing gimmick?

Wednesday 31 January: Priest – Our Time Will Come

Synth pop act Priest is back with a new single. More mature, nice work.