Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 21-31 January

I added ten new songs to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. Enjoy.

Sunday 21 January: Michael W. Smith – Crashing Waves

Michael W. Smith experiments with a vocoder on this 2nd single from his two (!) upcoming full albums. A couple of weeks patience needed before the listening and reviewing of new MWS audio material can start.
[spotify spotify:track:1WfhCRJtOGVWCAo3tpmOd7 ]

Monday 22 January: Jasmine Murray – No Other Love

A self-titled debut infectious pop album by Jasmine Murray came along my player and stuck there for a while.
[spotify spotify:track:1HvOx7x21ocWIsPtl7KkDp ]

Tuesday 23 January: The Young Escape – Good Life

It is a good life.

[spotify spotify:track:5jz9cs1plEClnAX4phAcU5 ]

Wednesday 24 January: Sanctus Real – Pray

It’s the national prayer week in The Netherlands. Christians from all churches and denominations gather to pray.
[spotify spotify:track:2Ovrh7YmdOKi759Noc8i8w ]

Thursday 25 January: 65dba – Purify (Dance Remix)

On this #throwbackthursday I take you back to the nights I was dancing on 65dba songs at the Flevo Festival main stage.
[spotify spotify:track:3Nm5vyLt12K0agDBzoY169 ]

Friday 26 January: Author – Smoke

Well-done single, Some, by Author. You can buy it on their Bandcamp site.
[spotify spotify:track:3DTr7YdmAdAMg6KxK7SIAD ]

Saturday 27 January: Nicole C. Mullen – Like Never Before

Nicole C. Mullen is back with girl power, gospel, hymns, blues, broken love, faith, and hope. Her Like Never Before album title track deserves a spot in this playlist.
[spotify spotify:track:3yn1ACGNZo4ALOIeQFOzJD ]

Sunday 28 January: Social Club Misfits & Tauren Wells – War Cry

Battle cry song format by Social Club Misfits and Tauren Wells (formerly with Royal Tailor) that was recognized by Seven FM to become their weekly special airplay track.

[spotify spotify:track:5jgixdFpZQmdlbSO91Btme ]

Monday 29 January: Cecilia Kallin – Runaway

Smooth pop tune by Swedish singer-songwriter Cecilia Kallin. She was the lead singer and guitarist in the Swedish girl band Timoteij between 2010-2016.

[spotify spotify:track:2dFhDbRTvjc0s9qEmnE830 ]

Tuesday 30 January: Delphi – Blue Tuesday

Just joking. I didn’t get the gist of the blue Monday a couple of weeks ago. Why isn’t there a blue Tuesday? Or is it just a marketing gimmick?
[spotify spotify:track:2tFz3AlZ1GUacsccZgo2Mt ]

Wednesday 31 January: Priest – Our Time Will Come

Synth pop act Priest is back with a new single. More mature, nice work.

[spotify spotify:track:0a1wrt6idsZKbW231FqGXq ]