Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 11-20 January

I added ten new songs to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. Enjoy.

Thursday 11 January:

I always thought that I Still Believe was an original Russ Taff song. Hmm, last weekend The Call‘s I Still Believe (The Great Design) was from 1986 in The 80’s all lined up playlist. Michael Been penned the song, released it one Reconciled (1986). Russ Taff was a former The Imperials singer gone solo on the CCM turf, that covered I Still Believe in 1987 on his self-titled album. I like Taff’s one more, but added The Call’s one as today’s #throwbackthursday song. And you?
[spotify spotify:track:6XpG30QPzV1wkuUhUMw64l ]

Friday 12 January: DBFC – Staying Home

One of our daughters literally fell ill at 12.20PM. She’ll stay home today to get better. I’m working from home. Instead of showcasing new January releases, I picked French DBFC‘s Staying Home from their 2017 album Jenks.
[spotify spotify:track:195O99xM1VCDga2FcPMgC3 ]

Saturday 13 January: Remedy Drive & Rachael Lampa McCarthy – You Got Fire

I hadn’t heard of Rachael Lampa‘s whereabouts a couple of years, and was happy to hear her in Friday’s Release Radar playlist popping up with Remedy Drive. It’s the opening track from The North Star. Is the collaboration the fruit of Lampa’s 2011 song Remedy? Who knows?
[spotify spotify:track:5PKuSBEPJdJ2aiuYVmj5TV ]

Sunday 14 January: Lo Moon – Real Love

I saw Lo Moon play live as support act to London Grammar in November 2017 in Amsterdam AFAS Live. Lo Moon’s new single Real Love is a lovely track.
[spotify spotify:track:3p5oRF4cIKYloHId1XQrnZ ]

Monday 15 January: Arlissa & Jonas Blue – Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie

German singer Arlissa‘s signature vocals met London-based DJ Jonas Blue to team up the infectuous Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie.
[spotify spotify:track:1bfPwJtmZdqv6MPY5Wr7eH ]

Tuesday 16 January: Lisa Stansfield – Everything

Lisa Stansfield (1966), indeed the singer who we as students in the early 90’s were fond of (“All Around the World”), now has Everthing.
[spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/5Q4KYgxWSxBOq5E0fYCMcA ]

Wednesday 17 January: Rick Wakeman & The New English Rock Ensemble – The Cathedral in the Sky

This song by keyboard virtuoso Rick Wakeman (formerly with progressive rock band Yes) has been around now for a month in my Inspiration for this playlist list. It’s typical Wakeman sound: choir, organ, a powerful tune.
[spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/2ytOgLskhjrAYUrX1feADB ]

Thursday 18 January: Schiller & Milù – More

Taken from Tag Und Nacht (Day & Night) (2005) this #throwbackthursday features More by German synth king Schiller and vocalist Milù. Schiller already is selling tickets for his 20 years anniversary tour 2019 throughout Germany.
[spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4qdtAme3DP1Bp2XU0MZ5d0 ]

Friday 19 January: Sarah Masen – Three Strangers

Produced by Charlie Peacock, Sarah Masen’s back with Three Strangers.
[spotify spotify:track:599KM7jSLvXjyV9z1bUrKM ]

Saturday 20 January: Dansu – Run

Although I’m walking a 50 miles Kennedy March in Hengelo today, I chose the new single by Dutch synth pop band Dansu as today’s song. Video clip with Hebrew subtitles.

[spotify spotify:track:3TZHtU4W6GuVaYF34QaZTG ]