Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018: 1-10 January

A new year kicked off. The first batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2018 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Monday 1 January: Lekker Gewoon – We Zijn Weer Terug

We’re back by Just Normal would be the English song and band name. This New Year’s Day starts in Dutch with a party song by Lekker Gewoon.
[spotify spotify:track:06kFZl4JlWeJvni5nOZf2w ]

Tuesday 2 January: Erasure – Runaround on the Underground

A return fare Ommen – Brussels today. That means running around at Underground stations in Brussels to get to and from the office. Fortunately, a large part of the Belgian working force and students still enjoy their holidays 😉
[spotify spotify:track:1xSHVS5AEfo68iRSUHGGBk ]

Wednesday 3 January: Yori Swart – Riding on the Wind

A true storm today in the Netherlands. Combine it with reviewing September by Dutch singer-songwriter Yori Swart, and you’re Riding on the Wind.
[spotify spotify:track:3OrVseEDGGBxQQd6DxanLh ]

Thursday 4 January: Beck – Broken Train

Early in the morning a train tore down the overhead line between Dronten and Lelystad. For me a detour via Utrecht to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA was mandatory. Repair work took whole day and even the next nightly hours. It’s #throwbackthursday by the way, and I found a 1999 song by Beck.
[spotify spotify:track:6Uu4di4ZclRK1JyQdrqocs ]

Friday 5 January: Blaudzun – _hey now

Just in: the new single from Blaudzun.
[spotify spotify:track:0K1lY7oNo1eSnhOWf5b0NT ]

Saturday 6 January: Manafest – You’re Gonna Rise (Doug Weier Remix)

Manafest‘s You’re Gonna Rise was remixed by Doug Weier and released this week. Enjoy.
[spotify spotify:track:7e6UqRpe8gpyx2cdzWmK79 ]

Sunday 7 January: Tobymac – I Just Need U.

Tobymac‘s new single is out. I Just Need U.
[spotify spotify:track:68XsruvpMeKXrbtG3dASIN ]

Monday 8 January: Manic Drive – Fun-K

Last week I reviewed Into the Wild by Manic Drive. One of the outstanding tracks on the album is Fun-K. No explanation needed. Get into the groove.
[spotify spotify:track:0FfytxMnl8V2JbcwvfrwyZ ]

Tuesday 9 January: Paramore – Fake Happy (Edit)

Hey, this is indeed a very different take to the original Fake Happy from Paramore’s After Laughter (2017). I suppose the band is more happy with this new version, or is it fake?
[spotify spotify:track:3PPgJlgCbwTP14BvcsQjYR]

Wednesday 10 January: Luminary, Smith & Pledger – Amsterdam

Another day spent in Amsterdam. Why not have a vocal trance track as souvenir?
[spotify spotify:track:2lTvVUiJUqqbVAhd1GKpZq ]